[Audio] Small Sins – “Deja Vu” ft. K-oS

Thomas D’Arcy and his Toronto quintet Small Sins teamed up with k-oS to create this catchy indie pop tune for their 2010 record Pot Calls Kettle Black , released this past September with distribution from Arts and Crafts.

I’m sure many will come to this track because of k-oS’ cameo (as I did) but will stick around because the track is generally so feel-good and well written. There is a moment of Hamilton’s Junior Boys in the beginning with the blunt vocal phrases and electro soundscape, but by the time k-oS’s short twenty second verse comes along accompanied with short and punchy electric guitar riffs and a huge drum sound, the track is darker and more densely layered. Like I said: it feels good.

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/02-Déjà-Vu-feat.-K-OS1.mp3|titles=02 Déjà Vu feat. K-OS]

Download: Small Sins – “Deja Vu” ft. k-oS

Props: PIMB