Toronto emcee Tona and producer Lyve have been long time good music collaborators (check out their 2009 record, Direct Deposit), but todays team up with Brooklynati hip-hop trio Tanya Morgan is especially welcome. There’s a sense of carefree humor in everything Tanya Morgan does, and they bring their usual breezy vibe to this track. We get a somewhat “threatening” chorus, “keep talkin’, I’mma encourage these niggaz keep talkin’…” over Lyve’s melodic sample-based beat that could just as well accompany a story about sippin’ soda pop outside a 7-11 in the golden sun. And, actually, that’s the message of this joint: talk shit all you want, because it doesn’t take away my sunshine.

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Tona-feat.-Tanya-Morgan-Keep-Talking-Dirty.mp3|titles=Tona (feat. Tanya Morgan)- Keep Talking Dirty]

Download: Tona – “Keep Talkin” ft. Tanya Morgan (prod. Lyve)