[Audio] Mayer Hawthorne – “Christmas Time is Here”

I usually rant on and on about how remixes and covers should take a new direction on a song if they’re going to attempt cover-justice at all, hence my over the top enthusiasm when I heard Emily Wells’ recent take on Juicy. I believe I’m a stickler for re-invention not without good reason, because many covers, in the tradition of Pat Boone, are really just bites no matter which way you slice it.

But soul-geek Mayer Hawthorne reminds me that even bites offer warming and special musical experiences because they invoke nostalgia and keep a live a tradition that may otherwise fade as the generations turn. As we gear up to ship out of this decade and into the next, I’m glad Hawthorne has towed along this timeless Vince Guaraldi’s classic, no matter the (candid) motivation (Hawthorne’s is that: “All the Christmas songs were written by Jews, and Chanukah songs suck.“)  Yup –whether you’re jewish, christian, whatever– Christmas time is here!


Download: Mayer Hawthorne – “Christmas Time is Here” [Right Click + Save As]