It’s funny that Casper The Ghost, emcee from London has been telling me about Mike Tompkins for a few weeks now. Mike Tompkins grew up in Ilderton, a small town outside of London, in 2008 Mike graduated from OIART with a diploma in music production, receiving honours distinction and two awards.

Over the past 10 years, Mike has kept a demanding and diverse schedule of musical and production pursuits, including production, engineering and mixing of numerous albums (Juno nominated artist Shad K’s “The Old Prince”).

His cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”/Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are” shot to over 2 million views in under a month. Mike’s main goal is to put a smile on peoples faces and show his diversity as an artist.

Just released 3 days ago and over 1 million views you know we have to support homegrown talent.

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