[Audio] Kanye West – “Monster” (Kingdom’s Nicki-Centric Remix)

Thanks to Kingdom, I can finally I can leave behind for good the countless times I have dragged “Monster” into garageband or taken to youtube in order to dig up a spliced version of Nicki’s verse. The cool thing about the “Nicki-Centric Edit” is that her verse is extended into an entire track that stands on its own. He’s shaped verbed and flanged loops into effective track lengthening ramps (“I think big/get cash/make ’em blink fast”) that run into the meat of her verses, which he aptly leaves unprocessed (with the exception of the underlying beat he often mashes and displaces). It’s the best “solo” track from Nicki (if it counts as such) I’ve yet to hear.

Nicki stole Kanye’s track with her left-wing verse when it first hit the net with G.O.O.D Friday. Then she stole its (leaked) video, her cameo being the only portion absent from the zombie gore disturbed critics have called “fucked up” and “misogynistic” (more than one feminist blogger announced this is the last straw) for its plethora of model corpses that lie scattered and battered from Ye’s bed to his staircase. Given the backlash, it’ll be interesting to see whether the video gets released as is or whether it’ll be revamped. Any way, till then, enjoy Kingdom’s isolated Minaj’s whip you can stream below and download.


Download: Kanye West – “Monster” (Kingdom’s Nicki-Centric Edit)