[News] Tyrone “T-RexXx” Edwards to Host Much Music’s Newly Resurrected Rap City

After a 2000’s stint of reality-TV takeover, MuchMusic is re-launching the video-focused formats of their classic shows The Wedge and RapCity. Much has recruited Toronto hip-hop ambassador Tyrone “T-RexXx” Edwards (of 1LOVETO) to host RapCity, and Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham to host The Wedge.

RapCity first went on the air in September 1989, the same year EPMD’s Unfinished Business was at the top of the charts. The initial host was the legendary Michael Williams, who is in large part responsible of the unique (Canadian centered) archival footage that Much promises to showcase in revamped RapCity programming alongside a showcase of new music, videos, performances and interviews.

The Wedge became Much’s most popular show during the grunge era in the 90’s. This time around it will focus on “forward-thinking music” and “the most cutting-edge indie rock videos”, most of which have been almost wholly hosted in the territory of the blogosphere (I wonder how they’ll showcase made-for-internet visuals like Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”?). The videos will be presented and discussed in a live forum by a community of opinionated musicians.

Stream the first ever episode of RapCity (1989) below and follow T RexXx on twitter here.