[Audio] Jansport J – Save My Soul (Instrumental LP)

Yesterday, after wholeheartedly praising the warm and fuzzy frequencies of Jessica Kaya’s sultry voice in discussion of her latest single, I resolved there isn’t enough baby making music in hip-hop. Even as I wrote it I didn’t want it to be true, since I love both hip-hop and love cuddling and stuff. HOW CAN THIS BE?

Since I wrote that post and buried myself in thoughts of love and beats, I’ve made tacos, danced maniacally to Beirut, and found this low-key album Save My Soul from California producer Jansport J that Andrew had posted over on our family site, Potholes In My Blog. As he says, “seriously, just try to throw this one on and not instantly want to hop in bed with that special someone you have.” Of course, given my quandry of the day I had to listen. And he’s right. This one is a tick on the list for bedsheet hip-hop albums along with Petestrumentals and Leave It All Behind (disc 2).  I sense a trend…

Stream “Get Close To You” below, then politics as usual.

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/12-Get-Close-To-You.mp3|titles=12 Get Close To You]

Download direct: Jansport J – Save My Soul (Instrumental LP), or head over to Bandcamp.

1. Forever
2. Talk To Me
3. I Know What You’re Trying TO Tell Me
4. Some Way x Lovehands
5. The Spirit Moves
6. Three Words
7. Unreal
8. You’re Not Mine
9. To Another
10. Find Love Again
11. Make Us Proud
12. Get Close To You
13. Showtime
14. Hi Mom (Interlude)
15. I Love You Forever