[Audio] Emay – “Iron Pulse (Starboy)”

Last Hamilton producer and emcee Emay and I spoke he was working on his forthcoming EP, a project he is building entirely upon samples from the shoegaze band Slowdive. So I was somewhat surprised, or maybe just momentarily thrown off, when I first heard this single chosen by  Potholes In My Blog (whom is premiering Emay’s release alongside Pigeons & Planes), because these songs have nothing to do with Slowdive at all.

“I actually did this EP to take a little break from that,” Emay tells us. “The motivation for this project came to me suddenly. I had some ideas floating around that weren’t slowdive, so I did this to get those out of my head. MAD is a chance for me to flex and experiment.”

If you’re familiar with Emay’s recent Karen O and The Kids EP (2010) or his affiliate project Breaking as 1/3 of Seeing Suge, then you know this producer has a curious knack for sonic experimentation. Take “Iron Pulse (Starboy)” as a taste of a promising artists’ creative sidetracking. Mind Altering Dynamics will be premiered in full this coming Tuesday, January 18th.


Download: Emay – “Iron Pulse (Starboy)”