[Contest] The Come Up Show Presents: The D-Sisive Wiki Challenge!

If you follow D-Sisive, you know how amazingly crazy-weird this dude is. He’s crazy-weird in a lot of ways (last time he was in London he chose our Marketing Director out of the crowd to be his DJ then called him “Cousin Gary” all night), but he is weird as in unique in that the guy goes out of his way to try on things that are, well, a little bit different. Anything carbon copy for D-Sisive, including the mass press releases artists notoriously clutter press inboxes with, is a little too easy, a little too uncreative, and a little too lame. Hence, each time we get a new release from Derek from Northcliffe, we can expect something prosodic, a little piece of art in itself that would pretty much be a sin not to post alongside whatever tune he sends it with.

Try as you might, you’ll never meet another artist you can directly compare to D-Sisive. The guy makes sure of that. So why should his wikipedia page read as boringly as everyone else’s? THIS, my dear friends, is where the fun begins!

Just this morning over his facebook page, D-Sisive announced “The Wikipedia challenge!” replete with direct but free-reign instructions:

“Apparently anyone can add anything to these pages.  I’m not sure how to, but maybe you do.  And if you do, head over and write the most ridiculous chapter.  I want to have the most insane Wiki page, ever! Trannies, Drugs, Popcorn, Elephants… Anything goes!”

This is pretty much too hilarious to be true. There are already a bunch of amazing entries, including this shiner of an opener: “Derek (from Norhthcliffe D-Sisive Christoff, a prolific Canadian rapper, is best known for wearing his pajamas in the middle of the day and taking pictures of his teddy bear,” and this description of his “life beginnings”: D-Sisive was born into the world by a virgin mother during what is known as the ‘immaculate conception period’ on planet earth.”  Amazing.

So, here’s where The Come Up Show comes in: we want to see what YOU can come up with! Head over to Derek’s Wikipedia page, make an account (free), and get creative. Then send us your contribution to music@thecomeupshow.com with “The D-Sisive Wiki Challenge” in the title, and we’ll award the best three entries Guest List passes for his performance tomorrow night in Hamilton, featuring the man himself, Muneshine, Mookie, Knamelis, and Unknown Mizery.

Deadline: Saturday, Jan. 15 at 5pm.


K-Lis Update: Check here to check out some of the more, erm … “compelling” entries thus far.