[Video] Lil B and the #BasedWorld backstage at NYC Performance

Not everyone has enough cash stacked to hop in a jetplane and fly over to NYC each time a milestone concert in rap history takes place there. But if we did we would, because NY is where the most perplexing and experimental rap groups coming out of the West coast seem to find the most authenticating reception, in part because most of the avant-garde pop- press is based out of NYC, and in part because NY just rolls with the new like that. It must be something in the Atlantic air.

Lil B, along with OFWGKTA, are cult-based groups that carry entire vocabularies, behaviors, and philosophies that bond together their religious subscribers. You either know the culture, or you don’t. So if you showed up a based virgin to Lil B’s concert last night and witnessed for the first time his unconscious #Based flow or stood beside a group of young die-hards holding up spatulas and whisks screaming out “cookin!” and SWAG! at the top of their lungs, things may not exactly have made sense. It certainly doesn’t (yet) for XXL’s Elliott Wilson, who tweeted last night that “I really have to understand this Lil B thing before my 41st birthday (today).”

As Elliott neatly articulated, it’s a generational thing, mang. Considering the overwhelming favor of last night’s show headed by the rap youth of the future, there are two ships you can get on as a rap fan in 2011: the one setting ambitious course, or the one anchored at bay.

Props for the visuals @crookrobbins