[Podcast] The Come Up Show Presents- Aaliyah Tribute (August 29, 2009)

January 16, 1979 was the birth of Aaliyah. She would have been only 32 years old today!! She was only 22 years old when she passed. I’m happy that we all still remember, miss and continue to love her. It took me a while to find this podcast, I did this on August 29, 2009 in memory of Aaliyah. I know you will enjoy the music, spread this and share.


1. Aaliyah ft DMX- Come Back In One Piece
2. Aaliyah- Are You That Somebody
3. Aaliyah ft Timbaland & Ginuwine- I am Music
4. Aaliyah- Loose Raps
5. Aaliyah- Rock The Boat
6. Aaliyah- Back and Forth
7. Aaliyah- 4 page letter
8. Aaliyah- Choosey Lover
9. Aaliyah- One In A Million
10. Aaliyah- Are you Ready
11. Aaliyah ft Missy- My Best Friend
12. Aaliyah- I Don’t Wanna
13. Aaliyah ft Timbaland & Magoo- Man Undercover
14. Aaliyah ft Ginuwine & Static Major- Final Warning

Download: Aaliyah Tribute (August 29, 2009)