[EP] Emay – Mind Altering Dynamics

Last week you heard “Iron Pulse (Starboy),” the first single from Hamilton experimental producer and emcee Emay. And now, thanks to Emay’s cahoots with the righteous sitesĀ Potholes In My Blog and Pigeons and Planes — both indie and hip-hop based blogs that appropriately reflect this producer’s style– we get to hear the EP in full. When we caught up with Emay last week, he said this EP is sort of a side track project from his forthcoming full length album that is based around the music of the shoegazer band slowdive. But Emay’s taste for frequency saturated and reverb heavy soundscapes isn’t bracketed out in this project, nor is his penchant for effectively setting creepy ass samples. Just check out the beginning of “Iron Pulse (Staaaaaarbooooy)” [my emphasis], and tell me you don’t envision some deranged psychopath sitting eerily still, head tilted, in the corner of a room.

Stream the wonderful skin crawling “Iron Pulse” below, then hit the skip to check out Erik Kirtley’s artwork and violently attack the download link (via. Potholes).


Download: Emay – Mind Altering Dynamics EP