[Audio] Canadian Winter – “City Lights”

Those who live in Hamilton know there’s a whack of talent stewing in steel town. And those who follow what we cover on The Come Up Show also know, because you are acquainted with up and coming names like Nilla, Miles Jones (who went to school in Hamilton but now lives in T.O), and Emay (whose excellent EP we shared with you just yesterday). But despite the thriving art scene coming out of the area, Hamilton is still a punctured city with an economy that can’t seem to get out of a slump, soaring unemployment rates, and a looming steel factory with sky-high flames that burn up the city’s breathing room pretty quickly.

So when I heard the Hamilton-centric music of Canadian Winter, an indie hip-hop band from Hamilton consisting of emcee Kobi, DJ Johnny Fever, Percussionist Kojo Chintoh and bass player Scotty P, I was super super super excited, because these guys celebrate and cultivate the charm and culture of Hamilton that exists there rather than trying to escape it. And there is a charm to Hamilton. If you don’t know it yet, you will, without question, want to after listening to Canadian Winter. Their music is wicked original, gaining miles of advantage from Kobi’s Woking, Surrey accent that unravels vivid personal stories of when he first arrived in Canada (which he now calls home) above the band’s tight and thick woozed out production. And there are plenty of lyrical goodies for us Canadians hungry for more inside jokes to share than the tireless “ehhh?” and “abouuut”. Although those are cool too.

Along with the states-side Potholes In My Blog, we are super excited to be presenting the Bundle Up EP + Scattered Flurries next Monday, which will be a free nine-track “trailer”, as Kobi puts it, for their forthcoming album Just Wait Till February.

Until then, get acquainted with these talented Canucks and stream their first single, “City Lights” below. Download after the skip.

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/03-City-Lights.mp3|titles=03 City Lights]

Download: Canadian Winter – “City Lights”