[Audio] Muneshine & Vinyl Frontiers – “Freeze” & “Easy Does It”

Emcee Muneshine and Producer Vinyl Frontiers hits us up with two fresh tracks from their forthcoming EP Larger Than Life, which is set for release on February 2. I’m personally psyched as hell for that project, which will have features from D-Sisive (who forms 1/2 of The Birthday Boys with Muneshine),  Ghettosocks (the other half of Twin Peaks), and Rich Kidd. So many names, so  many collaborations, so damn much good music! I still haven’t gotten off of the incredibly dope “Two Way Street” (prod. Oddissee) yet, Muneshine. You’re knocking me over here.

I’ve been extra nice and zipped up the two tracks into one convenient to download EP which you can grab after the skip. Or you can head over to Muneshine’s bandcamp to do the deed. Even if you do bandcamp it up though, still hit the skip while you stream “Freeze” and “Easy Does It.” There you can treat yourself to yet another entertaining –believe he discusses penetration–piece of new-music-prose penned by no other than Derek Christoff (D-Sisive).

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Muneshine-Muneshine-Vinyl-Frontiers-present-Larger-Than-Life-EP-01-Freeze.mp3|titles=Muneshine – Muneshine & Vinyl Frontiers present- Larger Than Life (EP) – 01 Freeze]

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Muneshine-Muneshine-Vinyl-Frontiers-present-Larger-Than-Life-EP-02-Easy-Does-It.mp3|titles=Muneshine – Muneshine & Vinyl Frontiers present- Larger Than Life (EP) – 02 Easy Does It]

Download: Muneshine & Vinyl Frontiers – “Freeze” & “Easy Does It”

Speed. Heart. Determination. Penetration.

His calf muscles strained to the point of explosion. Knees bounced against his elbows. He could kiss the handlebars.

Escaping from the world he knew. The world of music. Today he searched for a new light. A new beginning.


In Europe.

He was trying to find himself in Europe. But he was no 19 year old female carrying an oversized backpack looking to get sexed up by a local Greek boy with long hair.

He was a man. A man with a mountain bike. A man trying to find his identity.

A day after leaving Greece, out of condoms, he dropped the fake Greek accent and threw away his Russell-Brand-esque wig and hit the open road to embark on a new journey. And he wasn’t coming home until the void in his soul was filled. He was spiritual. A fighter.


He embraced the slap of the leaves on his face. He dodged trees and branches with the preciseness of a ninja. The speed didn’t scare him. Not finding himself did.

40km/h. 60km/h. 80km/h. He was too fast to sweat.

A possum appeared before him. A possum with human hands. A hairy human possum palm ordering Muneshine to stop! Surprised, he immediately pulled the brakes. The front end shook. He lost control. His front tire slammed against a large boulder, sending Muneshine over the handlebars. He laid flat. Looked to his side. The possum placed his hairy human index in front his mouth.


Muneshine was out.

He woke up. Groggy. Nervous. Lost.

The room was dark and smoky. A lit bunsen burn shot blue flames into the room. It was the only light. Muneshine slowly stood up. The pain in his right leg was excruciating. He sat back down.

“Don’t move,” he heard.

The Possum scurried in front of him.

“You’re awake,” said the Possum.

“You speak?” asked Muneshine.

“I do,” answered the intelligent animal, “The boys will be with you soon.”

“Where am I?” asked Muneshine.

“The Netherlands!”

The burn of the bunsen fizzled. The music began. Muneshine sat, wide eyed. Intrigued. In walked two men in lab coats.

“Good evening, Mr. Muneshine. We’re Vinyl Frontiers. World famous record producers. We’ve waited many hours for you to wake up. Gerbil has been keeping a close eye on you.”

“You call your possum Gerb…”

“NEVERMIND! Every year millions of horny North Americans persuade their parents into believing that travelling to Europe is their keys to finding themselves. They end up not finding anything at all. Instead, they go home broke and impregnated by Greeks. What they fail to realize is it’s not about finding yourself. It’s about telling the world who you are!”

“But how can you tell the world who you are if you don’t know yourself?”

“Take this.”

The men handed Muneshine a CD Discman. A sheet of paper. A pen. And a bottle of water.

“We will leave the rest up to you.”

The Vinyl Frontier turned around and left the room. Confused, Muneshine place the headphones over his ears and pressed play. The music began. He listened for 30 seconds.

“It all makes sense now.”

He laid the sheet of paper on his lap and picked up his pen. He began to write.

‘I am Rob Bakker.’


The Bunsen Burner ignited.

–Derek Christoff