[Video] Shad Interview & Acapella with JUICE in Germany

Shad’s TSOL is on its third life in the EU, where it was just released for distribution. He’s been over there galavanting and being humbly charming for a while now on promotion tour, so we’ve been getting a few neat foreign interviews that manage to make their way  back home thanks to g who consistently throws stuff up on Shad’s twitter and facebook. This time Shad has hooked up with JUICE while in Germany for some acapella/interview action.

The youtube caption says this: “Ein kleines, feines Interview mit dem kanadischen Rapper Shad K.
Der Clip entstand kurz vor seinem Gig im Cassiopeia. Außerdem war er so nett und hat noch ein kleines Acapella zum Besten gegeben.”

Yeah, I’m not up on my past participles (sorry Fraur Melinika), but I’m definitely going to start calling Canadian rappers more often by “Kanadischen.” It sounds tuff.

Hit the skip to check the visuals!