[Video] Count Spatula (Wax) – “Freckles On Ya Booty”

WOAH: That’s what I kept saying between giggles as I watched this hilarious performance piece from Wax that I found while checking out Emay’s new tumblr. (As a side note, The CUS is getting to launch our very own tumblr, (!!!) so get ready for that sweetness, tumble friends). We’ve been pumping the much more serious and straight forward “Red” (produced by EOM) for a couple weeks now, but to be honest I had no idea the guy had this side to him. The cuts between his facial expressions as he pines for a chance to peep the freckles on his pin up girl’s ass–which it appears he discovered while excreting on the can–are wicked funny. Now that I’ve seen this I’m only more psyched for the new material he is soon to release with EOM, a full fledged mixtape of original beats and wordsmithing.

Download: “Freckles On Ya Booty”