[Audio] Danny Brown – “D!ck Suck”

Detroit’s Danny Brown is millimeters away from signing a record deal. And it’s about time, given he has been co-signed by nearly every major hip-hop media outlet and has been rubbing shoulders with everyone from his illustrious manager Hex Murda to the rising Black Milk to the controversial Lil B, the latter whom he’s especially been paying attention to. Like Lil B, Danny’s well on his way to becoming a Twitter rap god having perfectly mastered the RT and coming up with various fun and novel games that have this fans and followers watching his every move. Sometimes involuntarily. The latest Danny Brown twitter feed take over occurred when he shaved his head into an emo mohawk– #Dannysnewhaircut nearly became a noon-hour trending item.

“D!ck Suck” is a pretty potent follow up to his last free mediafire release “Radio Head,” with equally hilarious and typically Danny lines like “Now I’m in the shower pumpin’ Drum n’ Bass/Stepped out put some Noxema on ma Faaccce”. The track will appear on his forthcoming EP The Hybrid Deluxe, a follow up to his free and super dope full length free release The Hybrid. If you don’t have that, get it now.

Stream “D!ck Suck” then click below to download.


Download: Danny Brown – “D!ck Suck” [Right Click + Save As]