[Audio x Video] Master Mimz – “Back Down Mubarak!”

One of the most politically informed and passionate professors I worked with in Grad school sent me this video this morning, which speaks at the current state of upheaval in Egypt. I think it’s safe to say the emcee, Master Mimz, chose Ludacris’s “Numba One Spot” as the underlying beat for non-musical reasons: Like the protestors and country people of Egypt her desire is crystal clear, Hosni Mubarak should back down.

From what I can tell on her facebook fan page, Master Mimz, is a young political artist who studies at the UK at the London School of Political Science but calls Casablanca Morocco her home. “This is a human issue, not politics!” she recently said on her twitter. Maybe that’s why I feel this when I watch and listen.

Click below to see and hear the video and read along with the lyrics.


Mubarak – not Barack, wanna make me go throw that rock
First things first – get me a job
Then lets talk about my hijab

It’s our town – like it or not
Wanna lock us down – no click no mouse
We burn your house – kids, spouse
Everybody gonna fuckin be knocked out

Flames cant keep us tamed
Yes we’re crazy and deranged
Days of rage are here to stay
Tyrants gotta be locked away

They wonder why we so raah –
We eat raah, breathe raah, why you think we feel raah
Cuz we sick and tired of the law
Not on my side – I tweet my speech
As we speek – they sending fleets
Kill, crush all our dreams
Staying alive will be your only treat

Everybody stomp your feet
Tired of being chewed like meat
Call it jasmin revolution
Lost world we are the solution
This shit don’t smell like a flower
It’s the rise of people power

Welcome to the 3rd world streets
Where the heart beats in times like these
Days of our lives – we feel alive
Get outta here – it’s our time to shine

Back Down Mubarak – Back Down!
Back Down Mubarak – Back Down!
Back Down Mubarak – Back Down!
Can’t Dictate – Just Back Down!

(BEAT – Ludacris – ‘Number One Spot’)