[Video] Wax Weekly – “New York Pt. 1”

I can’t remember whether I subscribed to Wax’s update emails, or whether he just figured we’d be down to receive them since we’ve been supporting him here. Either way, I was psyched to discover our first installment of “The Wax Street Journal” in our inbox today. I’m new to this, but I have a feeling he releases a journal-esque video every week (the “Wax Weekly”).

In this episode he and EOM–I think (?)– head to New York for their first Shade 45 interview. Also watch them dip in and out of NY yellow cabbies and subways, slam back a few at the pub to celebrate, and whirl around in the hotel carousel doorway.

If you haven’t heard Wax’s latest single “Red” yet you can check it out here after you click below to check out the video.