[Audio] Lil B – “Justin Bieber” (not #RARE)

Can we please talk about Lil B? I’m personally a well-entertained fan since I don’t see nor music as a holy and humorless arena, but even if you do hate this type of .. ahem … “impurity,” I think you’d be hardpress to hold any sort of case that would be able to maintain that this guy isn’t an unstoppable force. His knack for cultivating a rabid and expansive cult following behind him makes that argument impossible.

Case in point: Today, just in time for Canada’s own Bieber’s big documentary release of Never Say Never, Lil B, the social media based god is aptly using Bieber’s fan base to enrich his own. Which, isn’t a bad idea. Biebs’ youtube hits for “One Time” alone are well over three hundred million. Three hundred million, folks.

I have a feeling Lil B isn’t going to stop pushing until his numbers start looking the same. Actually, who am I kidding. This guy will never stop. Click below to hear the audio, which starts with a fan made video of a take on the infamous Lil B Cooking’ routine. The #swaggedout lyrics are there too.

Download: Lil B- “Justin Bieber”


Bieber (woo swag) (oh my god)
JUSTIN (x100000000) SWAG
Yeah Based God OMG!

Everybody know that the kid straight hustlin
30 on my shhhh cuz I look like Justin
Bieber on my wrist and them girls straight love it
Girls drop it low cuz you know we want something
Everybody know Justin Bieber is my cousin
Straight westside Young Based God it’s nothing
55 Bieber Swag off the meter
50 on my shhh cuz I look like Bieber

Biber (woo swag)
Justin (yeah man you know what it is man, BASED GOD,
Swagged Up, yeah man im swagged up (?) OH MY GOD)

Young Based God let them girls know im Swaggin
Bieber fever, Still got the heater
Young Based God and my swag Justin Bieber
Shout out to sean kingston shout out tanya leider
60 on my shhhhh cuz I think im Justin Bieber
Swag with the AK I got that Jungle Fever
I like them Girls that Like Justin Bieber
J. Rice swag and they call me Justin Bieber
Strapped with Mac 11s and you know I got the heater
Word around town that my swag Justin Bieber
Word around town that Young Based God is the Shhhhh
Young Based God still yellin

Justin (rawest rapper)

Brah im so powered up my swag is so vicious
Everybody know that the kid straight Get SOME
Justin Bieber Chain same color as christmas
Bieber Fever
Know I got the Heater
Don King Don King you know Im straight Hustlin
20 cellphones and them girls straight love me

Im so swagged out, BASEWD GOD!
Im Justin Bieber oh…