[Audio] Smoke DZA – “#KUSHEDGOD”

Everyday is Lil B day in the tweet world. But today is panning out to be Lil B day here on TCUS now that Smoke DZA has decided to drop this Lil B inspired track called #KUSHEDGOD on the day of his birthday. He’s rapping in a perfect Lil B style, swagging it out and adding a molassas texture to his flow that’s infused with kush-renditions of the #Based vocabulary. I’m actually surprised pot-head Wiz didn’t beat him to this, since he’s such a big fan of Lil B’s. Either way, DZA has officially taken claim to the title #KUSHEDGOD. I bet DZA sells an extra 10,000 singles this week now. Happy birthday indeedy.

Stream, then click the link below to download.


Download: Smoke DZA- “#KUSHEDGOD”

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Props: Andrew at Prefix.