[Audio x Video] Tyler, The Creator – “Yonkers”

Tyler, The Creator has a way of making my heart break every time I hear and see him. But it’s not a horrible feeling, but kind of a perverted pleasure to be able to indulge in something so magnetic and mesmerizing, something so plainly not of this world but strangely in it. I think this is why most people are so fascinated by Tyler and the entire Odd Future collective. After just one listen, just a single view, something inside you will change forever. There is no going back.

I wonder if I follow Tyler’s music long enough whether I’ll eventually become numb to his disturbia. Or whether that disturbia will eventually become a part of me. Or maybe it is a part of me already, because as I literally feel “Yonkers” in my chest , hear him tell Jesus to “quit his bitchin,'” and watch him eat a roach and hang himself, I can’t turn my eyes away.

“Yonkers” will be the first single from Goblin, Tyler’s second full length album set to release this year. The visuals are directed by Odd Future’s Wolf Haley. Click below to watch, but if you haven’t experienced Odd future yet remember what I said above and take seriously this K-Lis advisory: This content is swag.