[Video] Black Milk, Ab, Malik, Daru Jones – “Give The Drummer Sum”

Minus the wires, cameras, and headphones, the crazy energy and intimacy that Yours Tru.ly captures here gives you an idea of like what it’s like seeing Black Milk live, at least what it was like in my experience when I saw him a couple months back at a small club in Montreal. Daru Jones is one of those drummers you cant help but smile and feel good with when you watch not only because he’s just great at what he does, but because of his contagious smile and facial expressions that make it no secret he’s having the time of his life. For those who don’t know, Daru and Ab travel with Black Milk for live shows, making them one of the hottest live hip-hop acts going right now because of the level of musicality, energy, and spontaneity of the live instrumentalists on stage. Albeit recorded in the studio, this video is a great sneak peak of why that is.

Click below to watch and jam out!