[EP] Break Science – Further Than Our Eyes Can See

Break Science is producers Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee who make banging fusion hip-hop that more than nods to modern electronic music. The drum break that characterizes hip-hop at its fundamentals is always there (hence “Break Science),” but what these two layer above it around it and beneath it remains stylistically free reign. You can expect thick synth sounds, glitches, digital warbles, vocal effects, MIDI noises, flanging, and just about any other DAW effect these scientists feel like.

In Further Than Our Eyes Can See, a free EP released around the same time as the website for their very own imprint Pretty Lights, they’ve explored some sludgey dub (“Zion Station” ft CX), captured some really great live head knocking breaks on “Wisdom of Antiquity”  and called in Talib Kweli for a huge track called ‘The Alliance.” It’s kind-of unusual to hear Kweli’s verses cut up and glitched out like this so make sure you check it out. If you don’t dig it, which I think is pretty much impossible any way, TK comes armed and ready with a snip for you: “Real recognize real and you don’t look familiar!”

Stream “The Alliance” ft. Talib Kweli then click “Read The Rest of The Entry” below to see the album artwork and access the download link.

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/01-The-Alliance-feat-Talib-Kweli.mp3|titles=01 The Alliance (feat Talib Kweli)]

Download: Break Science – Further Than Our Eyes Can See EP [Direct Link]

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