[News] CKLN Stays On Air… For Now

On the same day the people of Egypt finally had their voices heard, the hip-hop community in Toronto also managed to make enough noise to save a staple to the city. At least for now.

On Friday, the CRTC made a decision to keep CKLN on the air until they further review the situation.

The CRTC passed a ruling to revoke the station’s license on Jan 28, 2011. Since then, the urban community has come together to display their support for the long running station. Thousands of signatures were gathered for a petition and letters were written to the CRTC which stated the significance of the station to the community.

Although it was a day to celebrate, there are still ways to go to ensure nothing like this does not happen again. It was another example of the things that can be accomplished when you have people striving for a common goal.

For further details of the ruling, check out: https://www.ckln.fm/