Less than a month ago The Come Up Show sponsored UNITY @ Western. The event was held at The Ceeps and it was a success, if you missed it check out the video and make sure to check the description below to understand what UNITY is all about.

UNITY (Urban Non-Violent Initiatives Through Youth) is an Arts Based Alternative Education Organization for Youth. Based out of Toronto, our mission is simple:

To ENGAGE youth to youth dialogue with professional artist educators using relevant art forms, including breakdancing, spoken word, urban art, turntablism and beatbox.

To DEVELOP respect, skills for success, artistic skills for youth to express their stress, and a safe environment for youth to share personal experiences both positive and negative.

To EMPOWER youth to become positive community role models.

We encourage youth to use artistic self-expression to make positive life choices leading to more productive citizens, safer schools and healthier communities. To see more, check out Unity Charity.