[Mixtape] Lil B “The Based God” – Red Flame: Devil Music Edition

I’ve spent a whack of time defending Lil B lately. I’ve also spent a lot of time perfecting the art of cookin’ and spreading the joy of cookin’ by teaching cookin’ infidels how to get it right and become chefs. “Remember,” I usually remind end each cookin’ seminar, “cookin’ is serious business. You don’t smile when you cook.” Then, straight faced, I proceed to chop. And season. And stir. And taste. And cook. #Based.

Moving on, Lil B has dropped his twenty millionth mixtape today, Red Flame: Devil Music Edition, his latest effort since Angels Exodus which houses the extremely bad “All My Life” and pretty awesome “Motivation.” With Lil B, you kinda have to sift out the bad form the good, all while contemplating what exactly “good” and “bad” is. It’s not as easy a question as you thought it may have been. I’m just pressing play right now so I can’t warn you anything beyond what Lil B printed on the cover of the album: “REAL KILLAS WILL DIE TO THIS MUSIC. THIS IS THE LAST ANGRY MUSIC FROM LIL B.”

Righto. Well, whatever it is, I’m sure this is yet another installment of the ever perplexing #based mental exercise.

Grab the tape from datpiff and read the rest of the post by clicking below to see the artwork.