[Audio] Epsilon Project – “My Sunshine” (prod. Kev Brown)

Kev Brown’s mix almost blew my eardrums off, literally, when I first pressed play on this track from hip-hop troubadours Epsilon Project out of Oxnard CA. I’ve been tracking piano all day, so I was not-so-subtly reminded of how different the dynamic levels are between solo piano recordings and full out hip-hop productions when I went from my own Logic files to Epsilon’s bandcamp. I almost knocked everything on my desk as I leapt for the volume knob. But by the time I got there, my head was nodding and I was already turning it back up. Feels good, this track does. Soak it in! Oh, and just so you know, Epsilon’s coming with a full length sometime soon with production from Exile, Kev Brown and Oddissee, and has MC features from TCUS fav MED and Blame One. And with it, SPRING IS COMING TOO. YES.

You know the drill peoples. Stream below, download here.

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Epsilon-Project-My-Sunshine-Prod.-Kev-Brown.mp3|titles=Epsilon Project – My Sunshine Prod. Kev Brown]