[Audio] Shad – “Time” (prod. Rich Kidd)


UHHHH. When I first read J.R.’s tweet this morning about how Rich Kidd and Shad were doing an album together I almost LOST IT. We’re not entirely sure whether this is actually fact or whether it’s a rumor, but man. That is an insane combo right there. You probably know Shad but if you don’t know Rich Kidd, like Linkin Park says (HAHA), what the hell are you waiting forrrrrr? Right now, type: “We On Some Rich Kidd Shit” into TCUS search bar to download four outstanding RK mixtapes featuring the who’s who’s of Canadian emcees.

I’m kinda jealous 2dopeboyz got the leak on this, to be honest. C’mon g! mp3 is available for stream at 2d and for purchase on itunes.

*Oh, while you’re over there streaming, don’t forget to scroll the comments and laugh over the Tyler/Odd Future stans all riled about the “Fuck 2dopeboyz” movement. They’re building an army.