Nate Dogg. For those who really did smoke weed every day (and for all of you who still do), this G-Funk Pea-Eye-Emm-Pea is the reason you remember half of the West Coast rap songs you do.

It actually takes some digging, for instance, to find a youtube version of Dre’s “The Next Episode” that isn’t called “Smoke Weed Everyday.” That perfectly timed little hook that Nate sorta adds on non-chalantly but affirmatively at the end of the track is of course not the name of the song. But it is certainly its most memorable line. What’s further, it is likely the most significantly quoted lyric from all of Dre’s seminal The Chronic 2001. How many times have you been hanging out and blazing with this tune on when some stoner accidentally sings out that bit a few seconds too soon during the wickedly satisfying little stretch of silence before the song’s last declamation? Spoilers aside, it never fails to be a something awesome moment when you and your fellow sessioners manage to get Nate’s mantra in sync. Even if you don’t know the dude next to you, so long as you manage to sync up those lines, then chances are you’re likely to be near best friends by the time “Let’s Get High” finishes.

To this day, “The Next Episode,” or as it is more affectionately dubbed, “Smoke Weed Everyday,” remains Dre’s second most downloaded song on iTunes. Yet Nate has managed to hit notes in all the right places more than just once. To call Nate prolific even, is an understatement. Sit back, hear, and reflect over a few more of Nate’s most iconic hooks– preferably while you roll and smoke one–to honour this legend whose unmistakable voice has touched us all. R.I.P.

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