[Audio] Mr. Cee’s Adversity Mix

If you have twitter or any other social media that has a hip-hop outlet (<- follow us)┬ápumping through its veins, then you’ve probably heard Mr. Cee’s name come up over the past couple days. Mr. Cee is a legendary DJ for Hot 97 in New York, famous for being the first to play Biggie Smalls on the radio which catapulted his short but illustrious career. Mr. Cee is well respected for the influential radio DJ and media personality that he is. And if you have it right, then despite what you hear about what goes on in his personal life (which is nunya god damned business), his reputation should stay that way.

You can download Mr. Cee’s “Adversity Mix” which aired this morning on Hot 97 after the skip. And if you’re interested in the discussion, join it.

Download: Mr. Cee’s Adversity Mix