[Audio] dBiscuits – “As I Survey The Landscape” ft. Big Rube

I have been waiting for dBiscuits‘s debut album, The Medulla Oblongata Vol. 1, for what feels like forever. But now that I have an official drop in my library and I’m sitting here winding back the chronology, the anticipation is justified: it has almost been a year since Dan sent me some rough instrumental cuts from this project, sample-based cuts that excite–if we must– welcome syntactical markers of Madlib/Fly Lo/your favorite 70’s soul record (allow me to direct your ear toward the bass line and sample palette in “As I Survey..” and your eyes to the adoring article dB wrote on Madlib’s Low Budget Hi-fi Music). There is a lot to grab ahold of in dB’s tracks, but it’s his unique knack for melody, crate digging, and juxtaposition that affords a kind-of pick your own medicine advantage to listeners. His atypical sample choices invite interpretation, but you can also turn your oblongata off and let their overall sound make you feel nice.

So you can understand why I am psyched that here they are, those same cuts, replete with additions, re-arrangements, mixing, and mastering, thrown into the box. Maybe if you’re lucky, one day those rough tracks will come to light? But first, unlike I, you have to hear the polished ones first! And they’re only being released one at a time starting with “As I Survey The Landscape” featuring a dystopic spoken word  piece from The Dungeon Family’s Big Rube.

Play the game with me: stream and download (after the skip) the contemplative “As I Survey The Landscape” below, and stay tuned for further releases from The Medulla Oblongata Vol.1. It may put dBiscuits in the running for one of Port Perry’s finest– which, believe you me, is saying something.

Did I mention he’s a great follow on twitter?

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/26.As-I-Survey-The-Landscape-feat.-Big-Rube.mp3|titles=26.As I Survey The Landscape feat. Big Rube]

Download: dBiscuits – “As I Survey The Landscape” ft. Big Rube