During Shad’s London homecoming show on his current Canadian tour, he asked the crowd if they’d be OK with him dropping an acapella freestyle. After the fans obliged, he had to stop the enthusiasts from clapping along because, like he says, a steady beat to this unmeasured freestyle would just not work. Listen as Shad emphasizes unpredictable syllables to turn rhythms upside down and inside out, layering triplets against straight beats and alternating between time signatures to the point where there aren’t any. While his style and flow as an emcee are still developing, there’s a great sense of breath and spontaneity in Shad’s freestyles, and as you can usually expect from London’s illustrious, his rhythmic variety is lyrically impregnated with a nice blend between smarts and playfulness in content. Listen as he spills on anything and everything from MTV to Stanley Kubrick to Sincerity.

We have more content coming from Shad’s stop through London. Enjoy & stay tuned!

*props to Alyssa on the camera.