[Video Premiere] Canadian Winter – “City Lights”

Along with our Southside friends over at Potholes In My Blog, we’re proud to premiere Canadian Winter’s video for “City Lights,” the first single from their excellent debut concept album Just Wait Till February, a chronicle of emcee Kobi’s first impressions of Canada when arriving in the middle of — you guessed it — a Canadian Winter.

So it’s appropriate that the first visuals we get from CW, director Robert Michael, and cinematographer Robin Knowles, picture Kobi steppin’ “straight off the boat” (or rather, train), and traversing the Toronto city scape with oogle eyes. He’s taken by the City Lights.

If you haven’t grabbed CW’s free EP you can do that here, or/and head over to their bandcamp to grab the full album, and/or download “City Lights” as a single here [right click + save as].