[Album] Quake & Kayo- The Search

I think I respond to new music really well when I discover it on my own or someone with a good music judgement tells me to take a listen. Not when an artist tells me “check out my music it’s the shit”. When Classified came to town a couple of weeks ago, Kayo was touring with him and he knew I was doing going to do an interview with Classified, Kidz in The Hall, J-Bru, basically everyone in the crew, I could sense he wanted me to interview him but he didn’t directly ask me and plus I wasn’t familiar with Kayo’s music.

After paintball I was about to head home to freshen up and Classified asked me to do an interview with Kayo, I was like cool. I went home took a shower, made some food, and researched what Kayo was about. I was surprised and I was so happy that I didn’t miss the opportunity to interview Kayo…watching music videos like Heavy this young artist from St.Lucia really wowed me. My interview with Kayo should be out Mid-may for now enjoy this new album by Quake & Kayo- The Search.

Update: April 19, 2011. Kayo just released an EP on itunes today, entirely produced by Classified. You can purchase it on itunes now.

P.S. Quake actually added me to BBM a week before telling me about this project but I completely forgot about it.