So you’ve noticed The Chef’s been spending a lot of time in the North lately, right? Yeah, we have too. It’s kinda hilarious–albeit innocently coincidental– that Raekwon describes Edmonton as “colonial-ish,” because in this interview with HHC‘s Amalia Judith in Vancouver, the Wu-Tang legend announced his plan to come up into the North and scoop up the rutted talent that doesn’t have the momentum nor means to make it out of our pregnant yet barren land.

“I’m startin’ an ice-h20 Canada record company out here, so all this talent out here that’s sunken in this situation where they not able to carry it across seas, across the world, across to America, I’m here to give them the opportunity. Right now I think I’ve got enough business savvy friends that’s going to come and help me allow others to get into this business. There’s a lot of talent here. It’s been too many years that we’re not able to hear the music like how ya’ll hearing us constantly. I wanna be able to hear ya’ll constantly the same way, and see new artists come and get on.”