[Audio] Miles Jones – “Again” & “Say What” ft. Shad K

Last we heard of T.O. emcee/producer Miles Jones was when saw the lovely visuals for “Time Machine.” Now he’s back with a couple more cuts from Runaway Jones, which is officially available for worldwide distribution TODAY. If you know anything about record distribution, you’ll know it’s not as easy as printing up a bunch of discs, stocking them in stores, then sitting back and raking it in. There’s an entire process involving contracts, deals, red tape — all sorts of things the average consumer would likely be more obliged to drop $14.99 for if only they’d known so much work was involved beyond the music making itself. Any way, bottom line is that RJ‘s worldwide distribution has been a long time coming, so it’s no doubt a big accomplishment. Particularly as an indie artist.

You can purchase Runaway Jones on CD, through iTunes, or on bandcamp via URBNET and stream the tracks from soundcloud below.

Again by MilesJones

Say What feat. Shad K by MilesJones