[Video] The Weeknd – “What You Need”

There are times when I have to get creative by busting out esoteric adjectives or finding new ways to scream in type in order to get people’s attention directed toward music they want to hear but don’t know it yet. There are several acts that require a few spins around the block before they attract attention, Odd Future being one of the most recent cases I can recall. But The Weeknd, thanks to a Drake tweet, is a group that never needed exterior propping. House of Balloons propelled them effortlessly into seemingly everyone’s “Best Mixtape Of The Year” slot, from within pop, hip-hop and alt R&B circles alike. But co-sign aside, it’s also true that this significant crossover achievement was brought about by the character and quality of the tape itself.

In this context comes the official video for “What You Need,” a sultry visual that appropriately hinges around drugs, alcohol, sexy women in cocktail dresses sprawled out on couches around the 4am mark looking comfy without blankets nor pillows, threesomes, seduction, and hangovers. It’s what you neeeeeeeed.