[Gallery] The Come Up Show Presents – Odd Future Madness Live in Toronto

When the first block of tickets for the first Odd Future show in Canada sold out in the first two minutes they were up on ticketmaster, you guys were pissed. I felt sorta bad/happy for the Odd Future management team when I checked in on the vicious tweets (actually, they were more like demands and threats) that were tossed their way in the wake of the thousands of SOLD OUT notifications that bounced back at the loyal enthusiasts who had been waiting for hours for the tickets to go up, one hand on the mouse and the other on ma and pa’s credit card. It was like a riot was going to break out if they didn’t comply with your demands and switch to a larger venue.

There’s nothing quite as effective as a little anger though, and you guys got your prize. A week or so later, the venue was switched from Wrongbar to The Phoenix, making room for an extra 250 or so of you OF die-hards, who came fully clad in your Supreme gear and golf socks to swag it out. And you did. Hard. The pics prove it.

A big thanks to the awesome Theo Grontis, who big-time risked his camera (and face) getting kicked in to get these images to us. We’re bowing at your sneakers.