[Interview] The Come Up Show Presents – Zeds Dead

If you have your finger on the Toronto music scene, or also if you happen to be a dub slave, then you’ve probably heard of Zeds Dead. ZD is a duo made up of Hooks and DC (pictured above) that started out both listening to and making hip-hop music, but somewhere along the way they got a bit sidetracked and ended up taking their hybrid sound to places more suitable for places where strobe lights pounce across walls and raging arms. And pouches of cocaine and ex and stuff.

For many reasons, club musics tend to far more international currency, or at least translation, when it comes to picking up a fanbase across international seas. So it perhaps comes as no surprise, that Zeds has over 50,000 followers on their facebook page, and most of the people screaming — or, erm, writing — their names are from far away lands like Denmark where the people write their names with with letters like this: å.