[Video] The Come Up Show Presents: Fresh Kils – Enter The Dragon Routine

We’re all feelin’ pretty bummed that today, being the last Wednesday in May, will be the final edition of Fresh Kils Wednesdays here on The Come Up Show. But we’ve had a hell of a run, haven’t we? After learning a lot about Kils in our interview then declaring him a MPC Jedi, we dipped straight into the goods to prove why that is with The Transformers Routine. Then we had a bit of excitement when we got in choppy waters with the youtube copyright police for the Live and Let Die Routine. Luckily Paul McCartney graciously allowed us to borrow these samples until the end of the FK series (THANKS PAUL!), though this video will eventually die due to copyright flags. So, check it out  before we pull it down.

The madness does not stop there. Then came the A-Team Routine, which was also pretty bang out. But this week’s edition, the “Enter The Dragon” routine, has got to be my favourite. Not only does it showcase Kils’s ability to write a really irregular and intriguing song laced with sample goodies, but it also lets loose a tinch of Kils’s theatrical side as he gets physical and even lip synchs a couple times.

Watch, and salute the jedi.