[Audio] D-Sisive – Run With The Creeps (Makeshift Kingdom)

D-Sisive has announced he is working on a new album titled Run With The Creeps, the release is sometime in September until then he is documenting the recording process on tumblr. He explains why below..

I adore studio footage. Listening to Brian Wilson conduct the Pet Sounds sessions was life changing to me. I get why people would feel It’s taking away from the magic of the finished product, kidnapping its mystery, but to me it makes it human.

I’ve decided to document every step of the creation process. From writing, to studio sessions, to photo/video shoots, to dealing with my label, Urbnet. This journey will be an open book. No detail will be left out.

The blog has been officially LAUNCHED! Time to start making the album.

D-Sisive borrowed this beat from Sweatshop Union Makeshit Kingdom which you find on The Bill Murray EP.

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/D-Sisive-Run-With-The-Creeps-Makeshift-Kingdom.mp3|titles=D-Sisive – Run With The Creeps (Makeshift Kingdom)]

Download: D-Sisive – Run With The Creeps (Makeshift Kingdom)