[Podcast] The Come Up Show Presents- Bananas Hip-Hop Hour 2 (June 4, 2011)

Hour 2 of Bananas Hip-Hop we played a clip from our interview with Moka Only and a joint from his album Airport 5. Another feel good hour, it truly is the best feeling to play what you love. Check the full podcast and playlist below.


1. Moka Only- Love Affair
2. DJ Cosm- Past, Present, Future ft Craig and Moka Only (Time and Space)
3. Louwop- Last Breath
4. Kayo & Quake- Heavy
5. Brother Ali ft Freeway and Joel Ortiz- Best @ It
6. Pac Div – The Mirror
7. ElZhi- That’s The One
8. Emerson Brooks- Breathe and Stop
9. My Son The Hurricane- Pushin Up Daises
10. Kids These Days- Summer Scent
11. Ony Ony- Piano Man

Download The Podcast: Bananas Hip-Hop Hour 2 (June 4, 2011)