[Album] Mazin- Elephant (Instrumental)

With close to 4000 “friends” on facebook you can imagine how much spam I get, artists tag me in their videos, photos, post on my wall without even introducing themselves first. It was getting so annoying that I have disabled my facebook wall.

Then there is people like Mazin who approach you the professional way, he introduced himself, asked me to check out his instrumental album and thanked me in advance. I could have easily skipped to the next inbox message but his laidback approach made me want to take a listen, I liked it, and now I’m sharing it with you.

Listen to the full album on the bandcamp player below, download link is below, and make sure to follow him on tumblr.

This is my first project that I actually put out there, all originally composed by me. Album cover was designed by myself as well. It was inspired by Jimi, Elephants, and Fight Club.

Download: Mazin- Elephant (Instrumental)