[Mixtape] Mega City Vol.4 (The T-Dot Meets The Doc)

Bumping this heavy right now, Mega City Mixtaple Vol. 4 (The T-Dot Meets The Doc) is mixed by Dj Christylz. Vol.2 and Vol.3 were both nominated for Mixtape of the year at The 2010 & 2011 Stylus DJ Awards.

The concept of this mixtape was putting some of Toronto’s most talented M.C.’s on Dr. Dre production. Vol.3 was on Premier’s production (T.O. Meets Premo). So it was only right that they did West Coat beats. With artists like JD Era, Peter Jackson, Louwop, Theo 3 and many more. This is a perfect way to listen to your favourite Toronto artists OR get familiar with them.

Download: Mega City Vol.4 (The T-Dot Meets The Doc)