[Podcast] The Come Up Show Presents- Bananas Hip-Hop Hour 2 (June 18, 2011)

When J.R. asked me if it’s cool to play some Old school I said OF COURSE. So when he played one Fugee track, he had to play another. You can’t forget the music we grew up on and if you aren’t familiar with Fugees start with the greatest hits.

1. J.Cole- Blow Up
2. Art of Fresh- Out this world
3. Karidnal Offishal ft. The Clipse – Set It Off
4. JD Era ft. Drake – Black Magic
5. Shaun Boothe – Let Me Go
6. D.O. ft Classified and White MC – Now I Understand
7. Phat Tony aka Big Tweeze Ft. Theo 3 & Ski – Turnaroundagain
8. Abdominal & Anonymous Twist – Sway Ft. Adversaree (Big Tweeze Remix)
9. Smash Brovaz ft. Blake Carrington – Whatchu Need, Whatchu Want
10. Saukrates ft D-Sisive – Wednesday Remix
11. Lupe Fiasco- Gold Watch
12. Tribe Called Quest- Scenario
13. Fugees- Ohh La La La
14. Fugees- Ready or Not

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