[Video] Fresh Kils Made a Bunch of Routines For Us. Wanna See?

Some of you may recall Toronto producer and MPC jedi Fresh Kils made a series of MPC routines that we were lucky to host here on TCUS every week throughout May. Because we figure most of you likely missed an edition or two along the way, we decided to make a round up post so you can watch them one after the other like an MPC Movie.

There were four videos in the series, 1) The Transformers Routine, 2) The Live and Let Die Routine, 3) The A-Team Routine, and 4) The Enter The Dragon Routine— all of which are posted here in the order they were originally released. The Live and Let Die piece has a copyright issue in play though, so enjoy this shiz while you can because we’ll be pulling it down in a few days.


Live Or Let Die


Enter The Dragon