[EP] The Airplane Boys- Where You’ve Been

It’s about time I posted this project, I really think most blogs today just post up music that they personally don’t even fully take in, absorb, and enjoy first, before sharing. That’s why we at The Come Up Show don’t always brag or try to be first in posting something because it’s not a race. This is more about sharing music that we feel you would enjoy and how can you share something if it doesn’t resonate with you.

I’ve known about The Airplane Boys for a year now and if you were at any Snoop Dogg concert in the past few weeks then you would had the chance to check their live performances. Where You’ve Been was just released in May and you should definitely take a listen and open your mind just a little bit if you are all about that “Hardcore Hip-Hop”. This definitely bumps in my Chevy Lumina haha. Let me know what you think!!

Ice Age
[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/07-Ice-Age.mp3|titles=07 Ice Age]
Gold Ribbons
[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/09-Gold-Ribbons.mp3|titles=09 Gold Ribbons]

Download: The Airplane Boys- Where You’ve Been