[Interview] My Son The Hurricane- New album, 14 piece band, Rock Paper Scissors

One of the things I love about The Come Up Show is the talent that I discover and the talent that FINDS US. Andrew from My Son The Hurricane shot us an email letting us they were opening for D-Sisive at Call The Office, gave us a link for the album, and wanted to see if we were interested in doing an interview. The rest is history.

If you ever get a chance to see My Son The Hurricane live I strongly recommend it, it’s not often you see a 13/14 piece band with a Hip-Hop emcee. You can like My Son The Hurricane on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and purchase their album You Can’t Do This on itunes and Oh yea make sure to check out the interview below.

My Son The Hurricane consists of:
Nelson Beattie – Baritone Saxophone
Abe Bergsma – Guitar
Jacob Bergsma – MC
Boichuk – Tenor/Soprano Saxophone
Ewan Divitt-Trumpet/Sousaphone
Troy Dowding – Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Alex Duncan – Trombone
Fraser Gauthier – Bass
Andrew Harwood -Alto Saxophone
Danno O’Shea – Drums
Andrew Samitz – Keyboard
Elburz Sorkhabi-Trombone
Brian Walters-Trumpet