[Video] Freedom Writers ft Franz Thomas- “Arizona Bay”

Water levels rise hire more cops, Lord of the flies Piggies on top, a wolf in disguise eats from the flock, the Revolution’s televised see it on FOX. Franz Thomas

“Olympics got money and so did G20 but when it comes to feed the hungry they ain’t got none. Adam bomb

“Crime makes money, justice moves slow, jobs get lost, jails overflow”. Frankie Payne

I interviewed Adam Bomb when he was in London a few weeks ago with D-Sisive, it should be coming out very soon. Arizona Bay from Freedom Writers touches on everything of Democracy, 9-11, Haiti, The G20 and much more. This is the type of Hip-Hop you would hear in the 90’s pure political saying something, making you think of the times we are living in. Enjoy the video below and let me know what you think.

Download: Freedom Writers ft Franz Thomas- Arizona Bay